François Fafard and Dominique Rheault have shared the same dream of owning a dental laboratory since 2006. ARCADE laboratoire Inc. is the culmination of their vision to make a difference in the dental laboratory industry. The two co-founders are driven by their passion for teamwork, creativity, entrepreneurship, and mutual support. Their greatest desire is to make a positive impact in the field by contributing innovative ideas that will improve oral health for all.

François Fafard

François Fafard began his career in 2001 working in a laboratory. Over the years, he gained significant theoretical knowledge and technical skills. François is creative and loves innovating and exploring new techniques when developing appliances. He is passionate about and approaches his work with the utmost precision—an essential skill for a dental technician. Like a true leader, he thrives on directing teams to successfully complete any type of project. These qualities make François the ideal collaborator for your clinic.

Dominique Rheault

Dominique Rheault holds a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) in Dental Technology. She has been a member of the Ordre des techniciens et des techniciennes dentaires du Québec [Quebec Order of Dental Technicians] since 2008. Her laboratory career started in 2006, after she completed her first year of studies in the field. Since then, Dominique has gained a wealth of experience working in a variety of laboratories—a path which allowed her to explore orthodontics, and fixed and removable prostheses. Versatile and curious by nature, she loves working with new technologies. She is also a motivated and well-organized individual who is always willing to give of her time. Dominique’s remarkable patience makes her a valuable collaborator for your clinic.