What is the laboratory's deadline? ?

A deadline of 3 to 5 days enables ARCADE to offer quality and optimal solutions.  If there is an emergency (breakage, loss, alteration ) please contact the laboratory to discuss earlier delays.


What is the delivery policy??

ARCADE offers free delivery with orders over 60 $.  Otherwise, 20$ will be charged.  ARACADE will be pleased to contact the carrier to coordinate the pick up at you clinic.


Are there fees when asking for different colors of acrylic??

There are no charges for the selection of different acrylic colors nor for adding sparkles to the acrylic.  Please indicate clearly on the prescription the desired colors.

Is it possible to insert an image and / or the patient's name in the appliance??

Yes, the insertion of a name or an image is possible.

Are there any fees for the insertion of an image and/or the name of the patient??

The insertion of an image or the name of the patient is free of charge . In addition, the images provided by ARCADE are also free of charge. Please note that the insertion of the name is not automatic, so be sure to write it clearly on the prescription if desired.

My patient is allergic to certain materials. Are there any alternatives??

Yes, other materials exist for the appliances.   Please, call us to check what those alternatives are.  Note that extra fees will be charged for the use of those materials.


What are the 3D services??

With our 3D services, you can finally get rid your inventory of study casts and free up some extra space. Whether it be for existing casts or intraoral scans, ARCADE can scan your study casts and store the digital documents on your intranet, where you can access them whenever and however you want. ARCADE also offers the option of printing the study models when necessary, thanks to 3D printing technology. Boxes of casts cluttering up your desk will be a thing of the past!

Get more information by clicking on the following link 3D.

What file format must we provide for the 3D serviceS??

Files in .stl format are required for printing or archiving casts. For study models, scans of the maxillary, the mandibular and the occlusion (bite) are required.


What type of payment do you accept??

Payments by credit cards VISA and MasterCard, money transfer, Paypal and checks are accepted.  Administrative fees will be charge for non-sufficient funds check.

What is the guarantee policy??

Please read the guarantee policy here.

What are the sale's terms and conditions??

Please read the sale’s terms and contitions here.