ARCADE strives every day to share its expertise and passion for orthodontics with other oral healthcare professionals, with the primary goal of meeting patient needs. Our work philosophy guides our decision-making and underpins our daily practices, in line with the following core values:

  • ARCADE is committed to ensuring the well-being of its employees by giving them clear objectives and the leeway to achieve them, and by providing them with a work environment and equipment that nurture creativity.
  • ARCADE is committed to supporting dentists and their partners in carrying out their work so that their primary focus is on the patient.
  • ARCADE is committed to serving patients by manufacturing esthetically pleasing, functional, and comfortable appliances.
  • ARCADE respects and encourages work that is driven by the pursuit of perfection and which goes beyond simple production.
  • ARCADE respects employees’ needs so as to allow them to reach their full potential and express their creativity.
  • ARCADE respects and facilitates the manner in which dentists and their partners want to work, by responding to their expectations and meeting their needs.
  • ARCADE respects patients’ concerns regarding esthetics and comfort by ensuring excellence of the final product.

At ARCADE, we act responsibly and with integrity to positively influence the success of the team, the dentists, and their patients.  ARCADE believes that an ethical approach will contribute to achieving overall excellence with regard to deadlines, costs, and production in accordance with professional standards and practices.


Innovation is the driving force behind all initiatives at ARCADE from the production of appliances to the management of human resources. The creativity that goes into custom-design work enables us to effectively meet the esthetic and functional demands of each patient and the professional standards of dentists and their partners. ARCADE offers a stimulating work environment where, aside from experience, the skills, potential, and ideas of each individual are highly valued.


ARCADE has a high level of expertise that enables it to offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each patient and each dentist. The complementary skills of both founders ensure excellence in all products and services. By always striving for perfection above all else, we are able to surpass ourselves and find ways to make continuous improvements. Our role is to find effective solutions to help you save time with each patient.


ARCADE focuses on ensuring the satisfaction of dentists and their partners by providing them with technical support in line with their needs and expectations. Our mission is to provide a healthy and stimulating work environment that motivates team members to give their best in order to ensure patient comfort.


ARCADE wishes to establish an exceptional standard of quality in the dental laboratory industry which it will apply to its products and services, and its HR management practices. Every day, we endeavour to ensure that the ARCADE brand is a mark of excellence in order to gain the respect of a loyal, ever-growing clientele. We rely on our expertise and our involvement in the social sector to make a real difference in the dental health of each and every one of us.